Module 2

The following websites provide services for registering corporations and businesses in Canada.

The following are links to Provincial websites where you can register a business and/or partnership and get lots of additional information on business setup and registration.

The following links take you to the provincial Workplace Safety Insurance Boards: Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia, New BrunswickQuebec, Ontario, Manitoba Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia.

Module 3

T4 Filing Guide 

This is a guide published by the CRA that goes into detail on filing T4 slips and the T4 Summary. If you are taking on the task of preparing your own year end filings for payroll, this guide should always be at your side.

Fillable T4 slips

This is a fillable PDF form provided by the CRA where you can file your annual T4 slips. A number of slips are provided. Just fill in the amounts the download the T4 Summary below to complete your annual filing requirements for salary

Fillable T5 slips

If you are compensating yourself using dividends, you will have to file a T5 slip by the end of February every year. This is a fillable T5 slip from the CRA website that you can fill out on the form itself. You should ask your accountant whether your dividends are to be reported as eligible or ineligible.

Fillable T4 Summary

If you have prepared one or a number of T4-slips, you will also need to file a T4 Summary with the CRA. The T4 Summary is basically a form that sums up the boxes on all the T4 slips issued to employees and reports the totals on this form. 

Fillable T5 Summary

Similar to the T4 Summary listed above, if you issue any T5 slips, the summary will also have to be filed with the CRA along with each T5 slip. The T5 summary totals up the boxes on all issued T5′s and reports the totals.

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